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    Kavanur Service Co-operative Bank started functioning in Kavanur area on 24.05.1924. Bank started its operations in a rented building in Kavanur Market. In 1985 bank purchased its own land to construct building for the bank. At that time Kavanur Service Co-operative Bank was under the leadership of Sri.A.V. Alavi Sahib.

    During 2001-2002, under the leadership of Sri. Vakkaloor Abdurahiman Sahib, bank constructed its own multi storied building. This building was inaugurated by Sri. P.K. Kunhalikutti Sahib. By the hard work of Directors, Staff and Members, Kavanur Service Co-operative Bank became a leading bank of this area in a short span of time. With the enormous support, we got from our team, bank is running profitably for the past 10 years and reached the level of a Class-I Bank. At present bank is having 19000 members, 18 Crores of Investment and 20 Crores as Loan Outstanding. For the past five years, Kavanur Service Co-operative bank is giving dividend to its A Class members.

    With pride, we can say that, the bank is giving enormous support to the agriculture and non-agricultural field of Kavanur Panchayath. For women empowering, Kavanur Service Co-operative Bank giving linkage loans to various Kudumba Sree units in the Panchayath.In the year of 2011, bank awarded with District Collectors’ Special recognition for sanctioning more number of SGSY Loans.

    As part of social commitment, bank moulded various schemes/activities to support the needy people from various walks of the society. By using the commonwealth fund, bank conducts various charitable and welfare activities throughout the Kavanur panchayath.

    Sri.Vakkaloor Abdurahiman Sahib, the main person behind the growth of this bank, was President of Kavanur Service Co-operative Bank for 23 years. With the able leadership of Sri.Vakkaloor Abdurahiman Sahib, the bank became a prominent name in the Co-operative sector. When Vakkaloor Abdurahiman Sahib was taking the leadership of this bank, it was in the threat of shutdown. He took the responsibility and did his work in a sincere and precise way to meet the target.

    To cater more to its customers, the bank management and team always tried to adapt most modern technologies in the banking sector. The bank recently upgraded its banking system to Core Banking, so that its customers can do transactions from any branch. To provide more support to its customers, bank started its evening branch few years back. This became a boon to the merchants of this area.